Monday, March 31, 2014

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Dealing With Stress

For me, spring break is over and a new quarter has started and with that comes stress. I stress over everything from grades to formals. However, I have found some ways to manage it and not let it take over my life. Stress can have many negative effects, including physical ones, so keeping it at bay is necessary. These are a few tips on how I manage my stress.

1. Breathe...I know this one seems obvious - you're even doing it right now as you are reading this! But what I mean by breathe is focus on your breath. Close your eyes and take a deep breath while counting to three. Hold it for a few seconds, then exhale deeply. Doing this a few times in the middle of a stressful situation can instantly make you feel more relaxed!

2. Exercise...The last thing I feel like doing after hours of studying is going to the gym. But I make myself do it because I feel so much better afterwards! Going for a run/walk, doing 20 minutes on the elliptical, or even stretching will get your body moving and cause it to release endorphins, which will make you feel amazing after!

3. Call a friend or family member...A lot of my stress comes from the thinking that goes on inside my head. I find that when I talk to someone about my stress, they give me good advice and I always feel better afterwards. Even talking about another subject gets your mind off of everything you have to do for a while - a good mental break for your brain.

4. Plan ahead...Pretty much all of my stress comes from procrastination and not planning ahead. This is probably the hardest thing for me to do, but creating a schedule and not putting things off until the last minute will help you greatly! Planning also allows more time to sleep, which is something we all need with our busy schedules! Being tired causes stress as well because we do not think or work our best. So go grab a cute Kate Spade agenda and use it!

5. Take a hot bath or shower...This is probably my go to stress reliever. Something about warm water and nice smelling soaps always calms me down. It's a nice place to unwind and think, so starting and/or ending my day this way is ideal!

Let me know your tips for dealing with stress in the comments!

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Dogs!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love animals. But my two favorites and the ones that I miss the most when I am at college are my dogs! They are the loves of my life and I can't get enough of them when I come home. Jet is an 11 year old standard poodle who has been in my life since I was 7! He is so smart and my family jokes that he is a human trapped in a dog's body. Sophie is a little 15 pound rescue poodle/terrier mix that has melted our hearts. Her personality is bigger than life itself! Even though she is seven, she still looks and acts like a puppy. Tweet me or instagram me (@laurenroseprep) pictures of your animals - I'd love to see them :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break!

Today my mom and I got back from Palm Desert where we went on vacation for spring break! The weather was gorgeous and we spent all of our time by the pool and shopping. These are some of the pictures as well as my spring break must haves. It's nice to be home, but hard to leave paradise at the same time. Let me know in the comments where you went for spring break as well as your must haves!

1. My swimsuit top is from Target as well as my swimsuit bottoms.
2. My sunglasses are from the brand Crush.
3. Neutrogena is my favorite brand for sunscreen and Chapstick is great for keeping lips moisturized.
4. A magazine is a must - Glamour was the one I chose to read by the pool this time. Gotta love Taylor Swift.

A view of the palm trees from the pool (I posted this on instagram as well).
My mom and I by the pool!
A full picture of my swimsuit.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Interview tips

Interview Tips

With summer around the corner, many of you will be looking for jobs soon! And of course that means lots of nerve-racking interviews. But don't worry - with these tips you'll be fine! I just had an interview today at a local theme park and got the job. Although I'm still fairly young, I've been to a few interviews and these are some tips I have developed to ace the interview and land that job!

1. Be CONFIDENT... I cannot stress this enough! Employers won't believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. Sit up straight, make eye contact, and carry yourself with confidence. Posture and body language are key in an interview and something that is assessed, so be aware of these things at all times. As silly as it sounds, giving yourself a little pep talk beforehand, doing some power poses, and telling yourself 'you can do this' will help boost your overall confidence, and you will come across as suitable and competent for the job.

2. Be prepared... Do your homework. Think about answers to the general questions you know will be asked such as why you want to work there, what your strengths and weaknesses are, etc. It also helps to do some research on the company (aka google them). However, be careful. Don't make your answers seem memorized or scripted. Remember, people are looking to hire real people, not robots.

3. Dress the part.. From my experience, it is always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. If you can't decide between a more dressy or casual outfit, go with the more dressy option. Often times, the place you are interviewing at will give you guidelines as to what to wear. However if they don't, assume business casual. Today I wore my black JCrew pixie pants with a floral  top, a black blazer, and black flats. I did simple makeup and my hair was loosely curled - cute but still professional. Also, keep in mind that an interview is not the time to experiment with crazy outfits and fashion trends (unless it's appropriate for the job). Whatever you wear, make sure you feel confident in it! (see #1)

4. Fake it 'Til you Make it... This sounds weird at first but I promise it works! If you pretend to act confident and prepared, even if you aren't, it will help you greatly. There will be questions that catch  you off guard, but don't let that get to you. Remain calm on the outside and formulate an answer that responds to the question. A lot of times, interviewers aren't so focused on what you're saying, but rather what you are doing and how you come across in person.

5. Be ready for anything... A lot of times, the interview process will be different from what you expect. If you're applying to a company that hires a lot of people, be ready for a group interview or even a group activity. Today, we were split into groups and had to come up with a 30 second commercial. The supervisors were taking notes on the way each of us acted in a group setting and assessing our ability to work together. You never know what they will ask you to do, so keep an open mind and do your best.

These are just some of my tips that I have created based on personal experiences from my interviews and I'm not guaranteeing success from these five steps. At the end of the day, all you can do is your best. If you don't get the job, don't dwell on it too long. Maybe you aren't the right fit for the position - that's not something to take personally. Remember that other job opportunities will come along in the future. At least you will have more interview experience under your belt that will benefit you for the next one. And if you do get the job, congratulations! If you have any advice or interview stories, I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Airplane Outfit

Airplane Outfit

It's now spring break for me! I am soooo happy to be done with finals and home with my family. Hopefully now I will have more time for posts and to work on this blog. Since my college is at least an 8 hour drive away from my home, every time I come back, it is by plane. Planning what to wear on the airplane is always tricky for me because I want to look cute but still be comfy! Below I've compiled some of my favorite travel outfits and must haves.

p.s. these are some pics from my most recent trip home on Wednesday. Gotta love Starbucks iced mochas and a view of my house from the plane!

And now for the outfits!

These pixie pants from JCrew are just as flattering as they are comfortable.

This white tee would go perfect with the pixie pants because it is so simple and long enough in the back. Plus it is easy to layer which makes it perfect for a plane.

These shoes from Steve Madden are adorable! Super cute and easy to take off for security at the airport!

Some accessories that would look great include this scarf from Red Dress Boutique and some Ray Ban aviators!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Be happy!

Happiness is a tricky thing in my opinion because so many things affect it. It's something that I feel everyone is striving to be, but why is it so difficult? Recently, I've been feeling really happy (not that I was unhappy before), and it's been great! I think this is in part due to my New Year's resolution this year, which is to live in the moment.

Many times in the past I would look forward to something that I thought would make me happy like going shopping or seeing my friends (these things still do make me happy). But lately I've realized that I'm the happiest when little moments come out of nowhere and catch me off guard like when I can't stop smiling when my friends and I joke around, or when my little brother texts me just to say hi and catch up. I'm happiest when the sun is shining outside and I realize how healthy and lucky I am to be able to walk to class in the beautiful weather.

I am aware that I may need some wine for this cheese, but I promise it's true! :) Appreciate what you DO have and don't focus on what you're missing.

Lauren Rose

Friday, March 7, 2014

Hats on Hats on Hats

Hats on Hats on Hats

Being in college, one of my biggest priorities is getting the most sleep possible. But this means that getting ready in the morning is always a rush and the most common problem is my hair. The best fix that I've found is to just put a hat on. It solves the problem in a matter of seconds, saves my hair from heat, and adds a little 'something' to my outfit for the day. I think these are super cute for spring and summer - click on the links to see more!

This hat from Vineyard Vines is so stylish and goes with everything. Plus it comes in multiple colors!

Frat Hat Blue
This hat is from forever 21 and is only $8.80! A bit trendy but cute for spring.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung 
Living in California, it's hard to distinguish the seasons sometimes, but it sure felt like spring today! The sun came out this afternoon and I can see the new green buds on the tree outside my dorm window. For me, with this new season comes new excitement for spring fashion. I'm loving florals and white for spring. I also can't wait to break out the shorts and sandals, even though they've only been away for 2 or 3 months tops :) These are some of my favorite affordable picks for the spring time!

I think this adorable top from JCrew (on sale!) would look great paired with navy bottoms.

These heeled loafers from Anthropologie are adorable for the spring time - plus they're on sale!

This dress is only $46 from Nordstrom!