Friday, November 14, 2014

Interview with Laura McCormick

Laura McCormick is a rising force in the country music industry today. She brings a free spirit feel to the genre, and it can be heard on her new album Box Full of Trouble, which was just released. I was fortunate enough to talk to her about her music, fashion sense, and more.

1.     I know you were an ICU nurse before you became a singer. What made you want to pursue music as a career?

I’ve always wanted music to be my career, and I knew it would be eventually, I just took an unconventional path to get here. The need to make music and connect with people on that level runs deep in my blood, it’s not a want- it’s a basic need.

2.     How would you describe the style of your music and where do you get your inspiration?

I personally call my style/genre of music “southern rock”, but it’s definitely a mixture of rock, blues, and country. I’m constantly inspired by everything and everyone around me. All of my songs are written from my own personal experiences or my perception of the experiences of those around me.

3.     I know your debut album, Box Full of Trouble, was just released. What is your favorite song off the album?

That’s a hard question. All of the songs I have written are like my children. I like different ones best on different days for different reasons. Mostly, it depends on what mood I am in because each song brings back the certain emotions that went into the writing and recording process for that song.

4.     What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?

So far, I’d say the day I finished my first album. I know earlier I said that I’ve always known somehow one day I’d end up pursuing music BUT it still felt more like a dream than a reality. Finishing my album was the first physical step forward towards turning my passion and dreams into a career and a future!

5.     Is there someone in the industry today who inspires you or that you would like to model your career after?

Oh gosh, this is a hard question too! If I had to pick one, ultimately I’d say Stevie Nicks. As a woman, she portrays such a strong presence. She’s beautiful and timeless, yet mysterious. These are qualities as a woman I hope to exhibit. As an artist, her music exudes the same character. Her lyrics are honest and enchanting backed up by haunting melodies, and to me that’s a powerful combination. She’s managed to keep her music interesting and edgy throughout the decades. In my opinion she’s captivating in every aspect.

6.     What do you like to wear when you perform on stage?

On stage I have kind of a gypsy-rock type of style. I like to wear things that demand attention! Bold colors, fringe, leather, feathers, bright red lipstick…. It’s all fair game. Essentially it’s just a slightly amped up version of my daily attire.

7.     What is a little known/fun fact about you?

I was on the golf team from elementary school up until high school; with Dustin Lynch actually! I even won the Regionals in 8th grade.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Handbags 101: What's in My Bag

     I am a firm believer that the right handbag can pull any outfit together. It is one of the best and most useful accessories women can wear. Because of this, I think it's okay to spend a little extra money on one that works for your lifestyle. I recently saw Rue La La's handbag guide and was inspired to share some of my favorite items to carry around with me during those busy days. Rue La La has a wide variety of stylish handbags from big leather bags to smaller clutches at great prices.
     As a college student, I've learned that it's important to stick to the basics and keep things organized. I carry a large black leather tote bag that is durable and can hold items such as my laptop and books. However, a big bag also means that it can get messy quickly. I have often thrown things that I don't need like receipts or one too many lip glosses in my bag until it's is overflowing and I can't find the items I actually need. Recently, I cleaned out my purse and am trying to be really good about only keeping necessary items in there. This is what ended up staying in my purse after:

1. My wallet- This seems like an obvious one, but it's one that is necessary and one that I have forgotten occasionally.
2. Chapstick- My lips get super dry, especially in the winter time, so this is a must for me.
3. Keys-Another obvious one, but it's important to always have your keys with you.
4. Pen- There have been so many occasions when I'm out and about and need a pen or someone else needs to borrow one.
5. Sunglasses- I cannot drive without sunglasses, so these are a must for me.
6. Gum- Many times when I am out, I stop for a bite to eat or to get a coffee. Afterwards, it's nice to have a gum with me so that I have fresh breath again.
7. Hair tie- The car my roommate and I share is a convertible bug and we always have the top down, so putting my hair up when driving is a necessity for me. That is, unless I want to spend 10 minutes brushing out my hair every time we arrive at our destination.
8. Lilly Pulitzer Makeup Bag- I put the basic necessities in here as far as makeup goes. A little powder for touchups, some lipstick, and a roll on perfume is all I need to bring on the go.
Bonus: Book or computer if it fits- as a student, it seems the to-do list is infinite. If I am on the go, stopping at a coffee shop or the library to work on some homework is a must.

Let me know what you all keep in your handbags!